Q - Do you provide personal shopping, errand services with delivery in my area?

A - To determine if Susie's Smart Shop delivers in your area CLICK HERE. If you do not see your town listed, please contact us through our website.

Q - Can I specify brands of products I would like and do you make substitutions if the specific brand is unavailable?

A - You can specify brands for items when you place your order. If you have specific allergies or dietary restrictions we ask that you let us know so we can be aware of those needs as we shop. If your first choice is not available we will substitute if an alternate choice is specified. 

Q - What are your delivery and service fees?

A - The fees are dependent upon the specific service or service package. An example of a service package can be found HERE.

Q - What are your shop and delivery hours?

A - You can reach us in the office Monday - Friday -9AM -1PM. Our delivery hours are Monday - Friday 3PM -7PM and Saturday by scheduled appointment only. We do not deliver on Sundays at this time. Alternate delivery hours are available upon request.

Q - Do you offer same day delivery?

A - If you would like same day delivery, your order must be placed by 12PM EST.  

Q - Do you shop at "warehouse" stores like Sam's Club, BJ's Wholesale and Costco?

A - Susie's Smart Shop has memberships at all 3 retailers.

Q - Can I purchase alcohol, tobacco and lottery games?

A - Susie's Smart Shop believes in helping people live a healthier lifestyle because of this we do not provide these services. 

Q - Can I use coupons for grocery shopping or local services?

A - Yes, we can discuss coupon exchange in greater detail at your consultation.

Q - How specific should I be in my grocery list?

A - We ask that you be as specific as possible with any service. We have a sample list HERE. 

Q - Can I change my delivery time after I place my order?

A - Yes, but you must contact us via phone - 203.787.8437. If we do not answer or return your phone call within 30 minutes please call back. Calls placed less than 3 hours before the scheduled delivery may result in an additional service charge. 

Q - What is your cancellation policy?

A - You must cancel at least 3 hours before the scheduled delivery time. Cancellations are subject to a fee. If you call within the 3 hour window you will lose 25% of your deposit. If you call after the three hour window you will forfeit the entire deposit. 

Q - Do I need to be home to receive my delivery order?

A - Yes. We do not have a way to store perishable items from your order for long periods of time. We focus on your services during the specific time window and bring your order directly from store to door. 

Q - Can I shop for relatives even if I live in a different city?

A - Absolutely! As long as your loved one resides in our service area you can purchase services for them.